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Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll --...
sealed seams easyswitch 2 years warranty digital cut wind resistance 20 kmh sun protection

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Outdoor Roller Shade Reef Roll -- Standard Sizes Roller Shade with Stainless Steel Wire Guides


Reef Roll is a outdoor roller shade with stainless steel wire guides that eliminates glare and improves your privacy.
It is an economical, practical, fast and minimally invasive solution for your terrace, balcony or porch.
The DIY product does not require skilled labor in installation.

It can be purchased with manual operation or with the innovative wireless motors that can also be purchased separately at a later time.

Reef Roll  reduces the interior temperature by up to 59 ° F!
It is available in 2 different types of fabric; our waterproof Purishade® or our breathable Braidd5, find out more by clicking here.

Why choose Reef Roll :

  • EasySwitch technology: Transform your roller shade into a transparent shade for the winter by replacing the sheets with EasyClear® by Maanta.
  • The only one that can be replaced in less than 2 minutes without having to dismantle the entire roller shade
  • Oversized roller diameter 75 prepared for EasySwitch
  • Aluminum terminal
  • Can be motorized without building works (discover the Maanta motorization kit)
    Ready for home automation with Google, Alexa and IFTTT

Accessories included:

  • Stainless steel wire guides
  • Wall or ceiling fixing plates
  • Winch with 150cm hand crank

It is delivered disassembled so that the roller and each of its components can be easily transported even to the highest floors.

Reef Roll  is a unique modular vertical roller shade.
Reuse the same installation to change fabric in winter, with the EasySwitch system you can replace the shade fabric with a transparent rainproof and windproof fabric in less than 2 minutes, without having to remove the whole structure!

Color: Braid5 Cloud/White
  • Purishade® White
  • Purishade® Ivory
  • Purishade® Cloud
  • Weathertech Beige
  • Braid5 White
  • Braid5 Ivory
  • Braid5 Cloud/White
  • Braid5 Black/White
  • Braid5 Graphite
  • Braid5 Blue/White
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Motor + Solar Panel + Remote Control

Motor + Solar Panel + Remote Control

Motorization kit for roller shades, ideal for controlling the shade in total autonomy.

449 $

Motor for roller shade

Motor for roller shade

Motor for awning, ideal for controlling the awning in total autonomy.

299 $

Motor + 12v charger + remote control

Motor + 12v charger + remote control

Vertical awning motorization kit, ideal for controlling the drop awning in total autonomy.

379 $

Wifi Bridge

Wifi Bridge

With the WifiBridge, all motorized vertical roller shades can be controlled via Amazon Echo and Google Home.

229 $


Reef Roll is a roller shade that can be equipped with an innovative motor with a built-in lithium battery, capable of more than 200 openings/closings on a single 6-hour charge.

  •   Reduces the amount of solar heating by 85%
  •   Eliminates the phenomenon of glare that is the annoying direct light in the eyes, especially when the sun is low (winter)
  •   Optimal management of natural light and privacy thanks to infinite adjustments
  •   Significant savings on summer air conditioning costs

This battery can be charged through a practical 12V power supply or by integrating a practical solar panel completely disconnected from the electrical system! Thanks to the WifiBridge we will be able to control everything from our Smartphone, also setting up scenarios that can make the tent go down/up at predefined times.

Reef Roll is created as a solution of several problems that our team has faced both in the office and in their private homes. The goal was to create a combination of technology and functionality while maintaining a lower price for the segment.

The problem: The heating of the windows during the summer season results in the release of huge amounts of accumulated heat into the rooms. Conversely, winter gusts result in the entry of a lot of cold air. The wind also makes all the external elements unstable. A possible motorization should be SMART & GREEN, controlled by a remote control or by phone via wi-fi, off-grid and then disconnected from the 'normal' power line to avoid costs of electrical connections, powered by a solar panel. Finally, privacy: very often we are not pleased that anyone can see what we do.

The solution:
We have solved all these problems by creating Reef Roll. Made in Italy, equipped with Easy Switch technology that allows us to switch from summer to winter cloth in a few moments, it can be equipped with our motor M13x13LT which is equipped with an internal lithium battery. This battery can be charged through a practical 12V power supply (6 hours, full charge for 200 cycles) or it can be equipped with a solar panel that keeps the circuit always in charge. Being totally self-powered is a very green solution and does not involve additional costs of connection to the home network. In addition, thanks to WifiBridge you can control everything from your smartphone and create scenarios that can set openings / closings at predefined times! Reef Roll is a drop awning equipped with practical lateral stainless steel cables that can be hooked to special support plates: both during the sliding and when the awning is lowered stability will be guaranteed!

Off-grid motorized roller shade

As previously described, Reef Roll can be equipped with a 12v M13x13LT motor with integrated lithium battery that allows you to manage up to 200 descent and ascent cycles. The full charge can be done in 4 hours via USB, but as an accessory we recommend the smart solar panel that keeps the charge constant. It can also be equipped with WifiBridge that allows you to control opening / closing times directly from your Smartphone! Thanks to the smartphone APP we will be able to create 'scenarios' with automatic opening / closing at predefined times.

Stainless steel cables

Reef Roll is equipped with stainless steel side cables that will hold it in place both during handling and in the static phases. The design is very essential and minimal, they will not disturb the view in the least. This solution will allow for excellent wind resistance!

High quality materials

Reef Roll has been tested in the most demanding conditions and approved by our research and development team. The very high build quality and the materials used make it suitable for intense outdoor use! With this drop awning you can protect your balcony, terrace, pergola or gazebo in any season.

Custom sizes

This product is made to measure directly in Italy! Thanks to our digital cutting bench we will be able to have asolute precision! It will therefore be possible to perfectly protect our outdoor space! Absolute precision is combined with the elegance of the materials used (stainless steel, aluminum, fine fabrics) creating a true masterpiece of craftsmanship. Setting up a Maanta roller shade is simple: enter width and height in the configurator and you will immediately receive the exact quote.



The fabric can be lowered and raised at will. We can therefore adjust the amount of light / shadow we want at any given moment. In the motorized version, thanks to the WifiBridge it will be possible to control this setting directly from a smartphone.



The aluminum structural components are Made in Italy and ensure maximum safety, as they are oversized.


Fabrics and UV protection

The fabrics used are UV30+ or 50+ certified and block 90% to over 97.5% of harmful rays, wind resistance is ensured thanks to the stainless steel cables, they withstand even the strongest gusts.

Tessuti e protezione

Easy to install

Reef Roll is extremely easy to install even by non-experts! We have produced step-by-step and very clear installation instructions.

Installazione facile


Energy saving

Decreasing the amount of solar energy entering a space through windows and glass can be very challenging, especially on large surfaces. Applying roller shades for outdoors can be one of the best solutions for shielding the facade from the UV rays of the sun and avoiding the accumulation of heat: the advantage over indoor blinds is truly enormous.
In fact, an external awning can reduce the amount of solar radiation by up to 85% and this leads to the consequent reduction of internal space to be cooled. Such a solution is ideal for those interested in greater energy savings and environmental care.

Risparmio di energia

Braid5 Fabric

A good fabric for outdoor roller shades must be mechanically strong and heat resistant. Our Braid5 fabric is made with a polyester core, it is dimensionally stable and eco-friendly. It is also resistant to elongation and bending. It proves to be very stable even with large changes in temperatures such as those we have between summer and winter.
It therefore helps to shield from the summer heat and to insulate the warmth of the walls in winter. It can reduce energy consumption by up to 33% and block 90% to 96% of UV rays! Think that it can reduce the temperature of a room from 5 to 15 degrees centigrade! Our Braid5 has an opening of 5%, the most suitable for vertical solar shading projects.

Tessuto Braid5

Glare reduction

Excessive sunlight can lead to the annoying phenomenon of glare. This is harmful to the eyes and can create stress or fatigue. Appropriate covering of the windows with an awning reduces this annoying phenomenon, because it provides perfect and pleasant brightness and creates a more comfortable indoor environment.

Riduzione dell’abbagliamento

Adjustable shading

The control of the descent of the fabric in the vertical blinds offers adjustment systems to choose the desired level of shading, perfectly shielding / repairing the interiors from glare. By setting the most suitable dimming measures, it will be possible to establish the height of the curtain to control the amount of light entering an interior space. In this way it will be possible to maximize natural light and take advantage of the seasonal change by shielding the rays in the warmer months and letting the domestic surfaces heat up in the colder periods. In winter the sun is low and it will be more annoying to the eyes!

Ombreggiatura regolabile

UV protection while maintaining sight

Regardless of color and fabric, our curtains combine heat absorption with light filtering. It is possible to choose the amount of shielding based on the type of fabric chosen. We will therefore be able to regulate the light outside and at the same time offer a certain degree of privacy. By effectively filtering UV lights, these curtains will be suitable for any room where the right control of privacy and natural light distribution is desired. In this way you can take advantage of the reduction of heat and glare from the outside, while maintaining brightness in the spaces.

Protezione dai raggi UV mantenendo la vista


Assembly instructions in PDF format with technical data, content and step-by-step instructions for assembling Reef Roll.

Click here to download


How to measure vertical roller blinds?

All measurements refer to the complete awning with roller and fixing plates.

The fabric/PVC film is slightly narrower.

Here are the distances from the outside of the plate to the fabric for the various products (the distances are symmetrical on each side).

Easy Clear and Easy Roll without guide wires:
The fabric is overall 92mm (46+46mm) narrower than the complete structure.

Reef Roll with guide wires:
The canvas is 98mm (49+49mm) narrower overall than the complete structure.

The dimensions of the fixing plates are identical for all Maanta vertical blind models.

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