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UPS Shipment Program

We offset CO2 emissions together with UPS! Maanta is committed to a better future! Maanta by Bega is a ltd company. Benefit Corporations (B Corp) represent an evolution of the corporate concept: they integrate in their corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere.

Maanta continually seeks new, environmentally friendly solutions and is committed to making these options available to customers. This is why we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with UPS® to send every package in a "UPS carbon neutral" form that will help offset the emissions from shipping every item purchased through our site, at no extra cost to our customers.

What is carbon neutral?

Carbon neutral is the process of reducing the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by offsetting it through activities.

UPS Carbon Neutral, through its agreement with Maanta, will plant trees, thus balancing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment.

How does the programme work?

UPS will quantify the carbon footprint of each shipment made by Maanta under the programme. There is an emissions-based fee that will be applied to each package shipped and then allocated to the purchase of carbon credits, essentially mitigating the carbon footprint of the shipment. Maanta will cover the fee, with no additional surcharges or costs on shipping, for all parcels shipped to consumers shopping at the brand's e-commerce site.


The EasyRoll roller shade is equipped with hooks for fixing the lower terminal, while the Reef Roll is equipped with lateral cables in stainless steel.
The latter will hold it in place both during handling and in the static phases .

It is not possible to add accessories to the EasyRoll roller shades.
These are also already equipped with spacer arms and hooks for alternative vertical fixing.
The articulated and adjustable arms of 20 inches are made in aluminum allow you to space the shade and not let it fall vertically, creating airiness while maintaining privacy.

In the Reef Roll drop awning instead you can add the 12volt motor with remote control, the solar panel and the WifiBridge.
The motor can be charged via USB or via a solar panel to keep the charge constant.

Thanks to the Wifi Bridge it is possible to control the opening and closing of the awning and to set the movements at predefined times.

The available models of roller shades do not allow hermetic closure.
There is a minimum space (1 3/4 inches for Easy Roll & Easy Clear; 1 7/8 inches for Reef Roll) that remains uncovered.
For to avoid this, you can install the curtain outside the window by fixing it on the ceiling.

The cables are stable and must be fixed using the appropriate supports.

The sheet, on the other hand, can be raised or lowered to the desired height, thanks to the sliding along the cables.

No, Reef Roll shades are currently available only with a 12v motor with battery included
and can be replaced by caricabattery or by continuous carica with solar panel.

To install several Reefroll awnings it is necessary to use a motor for each drop awning.
To make the motors home automation, you can add the wifi bridge, in this case you will need only one.

It is possible to recharge the battery using a single charger or add a solar panel for each engine.

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