The idea of shade sails only on bars and restaurants is now gone.

Awnings are now a common element in all homes and gardens, they are practical, economical and give a touch of elegance and design .

Discover the ideas and solutions we propose for the installation of garden sails .

For the shading of terraces and balconies, a product is traditionally responsible: the parasol. In recent years, a new trend is unsteady! Sine sail for terraces and balconies are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. They offer decisive advantages over traditional products: awnings are available in many different sizes and colors. Terraces and balconies can therefore also be aesthetically individually designed and upgraded.

Senary terrace balconies and terraces often have space problems. Tables, chairs, flowers and plants usually make little room for further. Solar sail shadow balconies and terraces without annoying feet. Professional anchorages provide a secure attachment of the sails to both house walls and on the walls of terraces.
Maanta has specialized in the production and sale of shade sails for balconies and terraces. Triangular shapes are ideal for small surfaces and offer the advantage of being able to be combined with each other. Rectangular sails are ideal for large terraces. Please note the exact dimensions, depending on the voltage of the sails, the effective shadow surface is slightly smaller than the original lengths and widths. The convex shape of the sails ensures a perfectly excited tissue and optimal wind resistance.

Depending on the location can be chosen between the breathable variants (ideal for windy areas) and waterproof tissues (ideal as protection against rain).

Do you also dream of maritime holiday mood on the balcony or terrace? Sun sails of Maanta make your dream reality.
Sunscreen on roof terraces

On large terraces, awning of different sizes can be creatively combined to create flexible shadows. The use of different colors can also achieve exciting effects.
On smaller balconies, however, rectangular sun sails are ideal. These offer a homogeneous shadow surface and can be easily attached to the house wall by means of the wall mounting kits.

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