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Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...
Solaria +Plus Waterproof - The...

Solaria +Plus Waterproof The evolution of our best radial cut shade sail

Solaria +Plus Waterproof is the best performing shade sail with a radial cut with narrower sail clothes and Arroww+ reinforcements. This version with 100% waterproof Purishade® fabric shelters from UV rays and shields from rain and wind.

The new structure made with twice as many cuts as Solaria allows it to withstand gusty winds.

It is the ideal solution for creating relaxation areas in gardens, terraces, penthouses, patios and dehors.

  • Tighter radial cut: better tension distribution and greater wind resistance up to 49 mph
  • Zigzag stitching with triple stitch: increased elasticity and tensile endurance
  • Arroww+ reinforcements: uniquely designed reinforced sail corners that elaborate a sophisticated, clean and essential shadow play
  • Adjustable straps: allow perfect calibration of tension distribution across the surface
Color: Graphite Purishade®
  • White Purishade®
  • Ivory Purishade®
  • Beige Purishade®
  • Cloud Purishade®
  • Graphite Purishade®
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Radial cut


A technology that originated in the early 1980s in the ever-evolving field of nautical competition sails. The orientation of the cuts, the amount of cuts and the type of stitching ensure the propagation of force over the entire surface making the radial cut sail resistant to strong wind loads. Solaria +Plus has taken the radial-cut concept to its fullest expression by doubling the number of sail clothes compared to Solaria, following nautical trends and aiming for ever-increasing sail resistance to the most adverse weather conditions.

Advantages of tighter radial cut:

  • Makes sails resistant to wind gusts of up to 49 mph
  • Provides unmatched uniform tensioning
  • Provides performance not comparable by straight cross cut
  • Breaks down wear and tear
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Strong and durable corners


The innovative design developed by Maanta's R&D department is designed to provide unparalleled strength to the corners of sail awnings, the parts most stressed by mechanical traction and strong wind gusts. The overlapping of the 9 layers of fabric sewn with Sunstop® thread, visually form a fan that allows tension to propagate along the entire surface, therefore making the corners extremely strong. Maanta sails are the only ones to have Arroww+ reinforcements, making them recognizable for both performance and elegance.

Benefits of Arroww+ reinforcements:

  • They make the corners of the sails stronger
  • The unique Maanta design provides an elegant touch through the play of shadows
  • They bring smoother sail tensioning
  • They cut down wear and tear

Elasticity and seal


Studied and applied by our R&D department, the zigzag stitching with triple stitch point is designed to provide the sail with greater elasticity when subjected to tension. Working like an accordion, it manages to ensure maximum performance in terms of wind resistance and intense mechanical stress.

Advantages of zigzag seams with triple stitch point:

  • Increases elasticity of the fabric
  • Prevents tears or failures
  • Combined with technical thread, enhances sail performance

A Maanta exclusive


Two perimeter straps and one central strap, combined with multilayer reinforcements, ensure the maximum level of tension to prevent accumulation of rainwater. The straps are manually adjustable to calibrate the tension of the sails at any time.

Advantages of adjustable straps:

  • Prevent accumulation of rainwater
  • Allow manual adjustment of tension
  • Ensure greater stability of the sail



Purishade® Eco-friendly fabric

Purishade® is a fabric designed specifically to withstand and challenge the most unfavorable weather conditions. It is 100% waterproof, resists the strongest wind gusts, and provides complete protection from UV rays.


Available tailor-made

Solaria +Plus can also be designed and created independently through the online configurator. The Maanta technical team is ready to assist you in the design of the perfect sail for your needs.


Arroww+ Reinforcements

The corners of the sails, the points most stressed by wind traction and sail tension, are reinforced by an interplay of seams that make them strong and aesthetically pleasing.


Sealed stitches

An exclusive Maanta waterproofing system, together with the thread and triple-stitch zigzag stitching, prevents water from penetrating the sail at the points where the seams are assembled.


316 Stainless steel plates

The 316 stainless steel reinforcement plates are part of the exclusive Maanta tensioning system, an essential innovation to evenly distribute tension on the sail and withstand the weather and wear.


Digital cut

The digital cutting table allows precision to the millimeter and at the same time, sealing the cutting area, preventing fraying or inaccuracies.


Made in Italy

From concept to realization, the Maanta crew follows the entire production process that ends with hand-sewn finishes by our seamstresses.



We help you design your perfect sail


Finding the anchoring points and the right measurement, identifying the correct position in your outdoor area, guiding you in choosing the most suitable fabric, and delivering to you a customized quote for free. Maanta's technical team is ready to assist you in designing your perfect sail.

To assist you in the design, we only need:

  • A drawing of the area to be covered with measurements
  • An approximate indication of the budget for expenses
  • Some photos of the area of interest
  • Your details to create the personalized quote


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Our platform requests reviews from customers about the purchase considering product quality, delivery time and service.

Dylan M.
star star star star star Aug 03

Reliable even in strong winds

I highly recommend Solaria +Plus for its exceptional wind resistance. Even during the stormiest evenings, I never had any fear that it would be damaged.

Ethan R.
star star star star star Jun 18

100% waterproof

Incredibly water-resistant. I could safely use the garden table even during winter without any problem. Really a very good investment.

Olivia J.
star star star star star May 29

Excellent against summer heat

I was pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness. Even during the hottest summer days, I did not feel any "heat hood" effect. I highly recommend it.

Data sheet

Purishade® Ivory
Model Solaria +Plus Waterproof
Available Sizes Standard e Custom through online configurator
Fabric Types Purishade® Waterproof Polypropylene Olefin
Fabric Weight Purishade® 270 gr/mq
Sealed Seams
Tear Resistance
Wind Resistance Up to 49 mph
Maximum Area 452 ft2
Cut Digital with tighter Radial Design
Reinforcements Arroww+ with 9 layers
Plates Marine Plates in Stainless Steel 316
Perimeter Straps Adjustable grooved perimeter strap (load 1763,7 lbs)
Stitching ZigZag Triple Stitch with sealed seams
Warranty 4 years
Packaging and Storage Cotton sail bag (also ideal for sail storage)
Box Dimensions 1 box maximum size 15.7x14.7x19 ft
Not Included Material Poles, Anchoring Plates, Clips/Carabiners, Rope

Instructions & Info


Installing Solaria +Plus is easy and does not require specialized labor or specific equipment. Follow the instructions of the video tutorial or download the PDF guide. If you need additional support, our technical office is at your disposal.

Data sheet, package contents, assembly guide and warranty.

Download the guide


Solaria is the only radial-cut shade sail that incorporates more than 10 technologies combined with the recognizable design.

The radial cut with narrower ferzi, Arroww+ reinforcements, and 316 stainless steel plates make it durable and especially suitable for very windy areas. Solaria +Plus is also 100% waterproof thanks to Purishade® fabric and is unaffected by mold, bacteria and moisture.

The waterproof sail shade is ideal for those who want to use their outdoor space in all seasons.The waterproof sail shade creates a shaded area protected from UV rays in the summer and shields from rain and wind in the winter.

This way, you can enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner all year round, create a chill-out area on the terrace to share with friends, or a space to exercise even when it's raining outside.

Alternatively, the waterproof sail shade can become the perfect cover to protect your car. The possibilities are endless!

The adjustable perimeter straps are part of the tensioning system of Maanta sails.

The straps, fixed to the corner plates, are adjustable manually and allow reaching the appropriate tension level to avoid accumulation of rainwater and withstand very strong wind gusts.

Creating a custom sail is the ideal solution when covering spaces with specific measurements is necessary, or when simply looking for a complete and precise coverage down to the centimeter.

With the online configurator, you can design the perfect sail in a few simple steps. By entering the measurements of the available spaces, the system will automatically calculate the actual dimensions of the sail and provide a custom product that you can add to the cart on your own. If assistance is needed, our technical team is always available to support in the design and configuration of the best sail.

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