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Custom Shade Sails Online

Why choose a custom-made sail instead of a standard size?

Find out when our customers choose a custom-made shade sail instead of a standard size model.
Compare the prices of a standard sail with a made-to-measure one and see for yourself whether it is worth it or not..

Discover the new online configurator, design in a few simple steps the perfect sail for your home!

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Waterproof or Breathable Fabric?

Waterproof or breathable fabric?
Discover the 4 fabrics of Maanta sails!

Discover the complete guide to choosing the best fabric for your shade sail.

Purishade®, Polyester or HDPE?
Technical characteristics, behavior in case of strong wind and rain.

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How to choose the correct size

What size to choose according to the available space?
A question that arises spontaneously and creates many doubts that we can soon solve.

Distance from the anchors, inclination of the sail and tensioning.

Find out how to measure and how to choose the size of the sail that is right for you with the Maanta illustrated guide.

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Fabrics for outdoor roller blinds

How to choose the best fabric for your roller shade?
Purishade®, Braidd5® and Clear®: read the guide to choose correctly.

UV protection and resistance, Abrasion and tensile strength, Thermal and optical characteristics.

Let's discover together the characteristics and advantages of the 3 fabrics!

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Purishade fabric by Maanta

The first fabric that respects nature and combines strength, absolute waterproofing and micro-breathability.

It combines eco-compatibility and textile performance with an aesthetic impact of excellence.

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The radial cut

The radial cut is certainly a much more laborious cut that involves working through many cuts: however, it will be this richness to allow a correct and uniform distribution of the tension on the surface of the sail.

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Our Meshnet® fabric allows better resistance over time and ensures greater tenacity of the fibers compared to a recycled one.

The micro-perforated fabric allows the heat to vent upwards. Meshnet® is undoubtedly the right choice when our main enemy is the extreme heat!

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Tessuto Braidd5 by Maanta

Braidd5®, a fabric designed specifically for drop tents that combines protection from heat and sunlight with breathability and greater privacy.

With the Easy Switch system in combination with Braidd5® you can change the fabric of drop tents in less than 2 minutes!

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