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Maanta: Production of sun sails and poles for shade sails

Maanta was founded as a brand by Bega srl, dedicated to the direct sale from producer to consumer of functional, quality/price ratio, easily installable products.

Development in the outdoor furniture sector began in 2006, with Marco and Andrea Bettega filing their first patent application for the invention of a mechanism capable of stretching the fabric of retractable sail awnings in an innovative and functional way.

The products developed (three for OmbrelA, the largest retractable sunshade on the world market, and another three for retractable sail awnings) demonstrate the Vicentina company's high level of research, development and refinement.

Recent collaborations show that the road to innovation is attracting creative minds such as Renzo Piano.

Piazza Faber, in Tempio Pausania, designed by Renzo Piano

In June 2016 Bega srl took part in the inauguration of Piazza Faber, in Tempio Pausania, designed by Renzo Piano to homage to his great friend Fabrizio De Andrè.

The idea is to create roll-up sail awnings suspended on steel ropes anchored to the existing buildings, thus creating coloured pencils which, as they unfold, turn into coloured sails that decorate the square.

In spite of several inquiries from more prestigious companies, the famous Ligurian architect chose Bega srl, which is able to provide an innovative, simple and functional technical solution for tensioning that has ensured years of stable opening and closing of 14 sails controlled in unison by a single electronic control unit.


Thanks to the experience gained during these years, all our products are designed in-house using modern 3D software. It is also thanks to this in-house professionalism that we are able to produce furling sails of 80 square metres, with furling booms up to 13 metres long, which can be controlled remotely using Apps installed on mobile phones. We are one of only two companies in the world able to produce sails up to this size with optimum tensioning.


Production is based on different approaches, although we have a strong focus on in-house processing, especially for steel and aluminium products. For textile manufacturing, on the other hand, we have developed the most suitable fabrics for our needs with impressive, technologically advanced oriental companies. These fabrics are processed according to our specifications and with our own machinery and technology. The quality/price ratio that we are able to offer is the result of our research into the most suitable raw materials and the most rational and professional processing.

Our company aims to offer its products by first of all explaining the added value of each one is: we are not a company that buys something pre-packaged by changing a label but we always develop something original and differently functional.

We believe n young people: our management is under 40 years, and so our team.  

We appreciate you taking the time to get to know us a little better and we hope we have conveyed some of the passion we put behind each of our creations.

We'are A B-Corp Business
B Corp represent "an evolution of the very concept of a company": while seeking profit, they are also committed to creating a positive impact. They integrate into their corporate purpose the aim of having a positive effect on society and the biosphere.

This is a transformation of business models which, in addition to pursuing profit-making aims, also voluntarily set themselves one or more aims of common benefit, guaranteeing responsibility, sustainability and transparency.

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