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The team is our greatest asset!



We never wanted to copy anyone, but we found ourselves telling a story we had already heard. Starting from the garage of the home of the two founders Marco and Andrea Bettega, from 2011 to today we have faced difficulties equal to ocean gales until we reached the first regatta gate with the Maanta team, strong, euphoric, full of expectations.

The truth is that wave after wave, as a sailboat ploughs the seas to reach its destination, we have looked ahead with foresight and perseverance, bringing home goal after goal. We have realised that no organisation is built by one person, our crew is an example of this and we are proud to have every person on the team with us. From its first order of 10 shade sails to its current global presence in Europe and the US, Maanta consists of a team of talented, passionate and rule-defying professionals working side by side.

A company focused on the customer and customer satisfaction, our Google reviews prove it. We have amazed hundreds of customers with our products and pre- and after-sales service, and we are proud of it. We are not simply a company. We are a close-knit crew where the captain puts his experience to work.

The company was founded by the two founders Andrea and Marco Bettega, who then took on board partners Davide and Martin. The team conquered the web in just a few years, internationalising the product. All four have always shown great sensitivity towards the people who make up the company.

To this day, they continue to lead the crew by following the company values:


We are constantly open, humble, honest, ethical and genuine. We always pursue what is right and not what is easy or convenient.


We treat others as we want to be treated. We strive to show respect to all living beings, inside and outside our company, in whatever community they live.


We constantly look for opportunities to contribute. We try to make a positive impact on the environment.


We are involved with our hearts and minds. We do not need to be at work to need an answer. When we do something, we do it to the best of our ability: good is not good enough.


We constantly raise our level to give more and more. We try to tackle one thing at a time, giving it all the time it deserves.


The entire organisation must constantly develop skills in avoiding waste of time and effort; using resources in the best possible way. Everyone must be humbly at the service of efficiency for the common good.


We take personal responsibility for what we promise, and we are always ready to respond with valid reasons.

Choices + Behaviours + Actions = Responsibility


The manta ray owes its name to the characteristic appearance of its body, resembling a large shawl or cloak, a billowing blanket as it swims. Indeed, looking at them from afar, manta rays look like huge dark blankets swaying in the sea. This is what 16th century Spanish navigators thought when they first saw them and decided to call them that. Despite their enormous size, manta rays move through the water in a sinuous and smooth manner.

The juxtaposition of this majestic fish with the Maanta brand, stems from a desire to give a figurative meaning to what is being proposed in the market. As fate would have it, when the four partners were united by the same passion, sailing, on their first outing on calm seas, they were surrounded by numerous manta rays. An unmistakable sign that the road ahead was the right one.



The dozens of patents that have been developed, ranging from shade sails, roller blinds and drop awnings, demonstrate the high degree of research, development and refinement achieved in the company. Thanks to the passion that all the founders have for boating and sailing in particular, we have managed to intertwine nautical technologies with our products, which therefore stand out for innovation and uniqueness in the market. It is no coincidence that the only radial garden shade sail is manufactured by Maanta.

All our products are designed in-house, using modern 3D software. It is also thanks to this in-house professionalism that we are able to produce furling sails of over 100 square metres, as realised for the Alajmo group on the island of Certosa in Venice.



One of our values is definitely linked to a 'Made in Italy' production philosophy: we believe that our economic and social fabric still has a lot to say and give internationally. In 2020 we equipped ourselves with 4.0 machinery to start cutting and sewing fabric in Italy. Seventy per cent of what we sell and export is proudly Made in Italy, and it is just one of the many ways we help our region. We design, develop rapid prototyping and produce in-house, which allows us to have a quality control and price/quality ratio that is different from our competitors.


In June 2016, Bega srl took part in the inauguration of Piazza Faber, in Tempio Pausania, created by Renzo Piano to pay homage to his great friend Fabrizio De Andrè.

The idea is to create roll-up sail curtains suspended on steel ropes, anchored to the existing buildings, thus creating coloured pencils (the Faber, dear to De Andrè) that unfurl into coloured sails that decorate the square.

Despite several inquiries from more emblazoned companies, the famous Ligurian architect chose Bega srl, which was able to deploy an innovative, simple and functional technical tensioning solution that ensured years of stable opening and closing of 14 sails controlled in unison by a single electronic control unit.

In July 2022, we were contacted by the Alajmo Group to cover an outdoor space at the Hostaria in Certosa in beautiful Venice.

The requirement was to cover a space of over 100 square metres with a furling sail without a roller blind. It was decided to use Solaria Furl with some minor adjustments to overcome the sail's enormous weight.

The result was an installation of about 119 square metres in breathable Meshnet fabric that could be manually furled using Hantal winches.

A great challenge that gave us great satisfaction in an area with a unique setting.


Driven by our irrepressible passion for boating, sailing and competition, we see ourselves as captains with their crew. It is as if the company is our boat. Each individual within the group is important to ensure that the sail is perfectly set and therefore gets the job done. Maanta is growing and will continue to grow. This is possible thanks to the group that has been formed over time. Maanta Crew are all the people who run the online shop, who are behind every order, every shipment, every click and every phone call;

We are a crew of people associated by the same value: passion for our work.



Also in 2020, we became a Benefit Society (SB). These types of structures represent an evolution of the very concept of a company: they integrate in their corporate purpose, in addition to profit objectives, the aim of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere.



Annually, we include impact reports in the following archive, which can be accessed from the following links:

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