Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin
Bugna - Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin

Bugna Eyelet Shade Tarpaulin

Bugna is the eyelet shade tarpaulin with a double perimeter hem made of Sunstop® thread and 304 steel eyelets that protects against rain, wind and UV rays. 

Bugna transforms your pergola into a protected, livable outdoor space in all seasons.

The wide variety of fabrics makes it very versatile and suitable for equipping pergolas, covering carports, balconies, terraces, protecting lounging areas or enclosing one side of your gazebo.

  • Double perimeter hem with Sunstop® thread: resistance to tearing, sagging and weathering
  • Nautical steel 304 eyelets: firm canvas fastening and great resistance to weather and rust
  • Resistance to winds up to 49 mph: nautically inspired fabrics and technologies 
  • Variety of fabrics: fabric types designed for all uses
Follow our measurement guide for a perfect result
Size of the eyelet tarpaulin: 9' 10" x 9' 10" (3x3m)
Fabric: Purishade®
  • Braidd5®
  • Clear®
  • Meshnet®
  • Purishade®
Color: Ivory Purishade®
  • White Purishade®
  • Ivory Purishade®
  • Cloud Purishade®
  • Beige Purishade®
  • Graphite Purishade®
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Craftsmanship and innovation


Made with dedicated craftsmanship and quality materials, every detail is taken care of to offer uncompromising protection. The reinforced double perimeter hem, combined with double-needle stitching, is the heart of this cover that provides exceptional resistance against tearing and sagging and durability that defies time. Whether equipping a pergola, covering a parking space or creating a sheltered space in the garden, Bugna is the solution that combines functionality and Italian design.

  • Double reinforced perimeter hem
  • Double-needle stitching to ensure maximum strength
  • Made with dedicated craftsmanship and quality materials
  • Ideal for equipping pergolas, covering carports or creating sheltered spaces in the garden

Fabrics developed by Maanta


Bugna can be made with different types of fabrics, carefully selected to meet each specific need for use. These fabrics have been carefully designed to provide optimal resistance to weather, rain and wind. The fabric, combined with Sunstop® technical thread, can withstand strong gusts up to 49 mph, while providing reliable protection even in the most extreme weather conditions.

  • Resistance to strong wind loads
  • Reliable protection in adverse weather conditions
  • Wide range of fabrics and uses
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Fabric variety

An assortment of fabrics to adapt Bugna to a variety of uses.

Nautical-inspired technologies

304 stainless steel eyelets for greater resistance to rust, rain and UV rays.

304 VL70 Stainless Steel Eyelets

The diameter of the eyelets ensures firm fastening and uncompromising strength even with the passage of time.

Double-needle stitching with high-tenacity thread

Sunstop® thread combined with double-needle stitching ensures great strength and durability.

100% waterproof and eco-friendly Polypropylene fabric. Ideal for covering pergolas or parking spaces while keeping them safe from rain, wind and UV rays.

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Breathable anti-hail fabric made of High Density Polyethylene. Protects against UV rays while maintaining excellent ventilation. Ideal for sheltering pergolas, patios and parking spaces.

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Technical polyester and PVC fabric. Screens from sun and wind while maintaining good air circulation. It is ideal for breathable protection of pergolas, canopies, balconies and terraces.

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Clear PVC resin film. It is extremely lightweight, weatherproof and UV resistant. It is suitable for thermal insulation of pergolas, canopies, balconies and terraces.

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Contact our team of consultants


Are you in doubt about which fabric is right for you? Do you want to know how to measure the fabric correctly? Do you need advice on installation? Our consultants are available to answer your questions and support you in designing your eyelet tarpaulin.




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4.8 star star star star star
Derrick C.
star star star star star Sep 30

Waterproof Purishade

Easily installed on my pergola in the garden to protect tables and chairs. Waterproof material and elegant design

Casey T.
star star star star star Aug 02

Top Customer service

I contacted one of their consultants because I had some doubts about the sizes and fabrics. He explained the different fabrics and was able to direct me. Very satisfied

Amber S.
star star star star star Apr 17

Parking space

I chose the Meshnet fabric to cover my outdoor parking space and it withstood summer hailstorms very well.

Travis M.
star star star star star Mar 16


Considering the quality and durability, it was an excellent investment. Recommended.

Shannon R.
star star star star star Jan 24

Super durable

Even after months of exposure to sun and rain it has retained its characteristics. Approved

Data sheet

Model Bugna Eyelet Tarpaulin
Available fabrics Purishade®, Meshnet®, Braidd5®, Clear®
Actual tarpaulin sizes 9.8x9.8 - 9.8x13.1 - 9.8x16.4 - 9.8x19.6 - 13.1x13.1 ft
Eyelet size VL70 inner diameter 0.5 in, outer diameter 0.9 in
Eyelet material Stainless steel 304
Distance between eyelets 11.8 in
Eyelets at the 4 corners
Perimeter hem Double hems of 2.7 in
Seams Double needle stitching with Sunstop® thread
Warranty 2 years
Packaging and storage Cotton bag (also ideal for storage) + Common box
Box size Variable depending on the size of the canvas, maximum 18.8 x 23.6 x 27.5 in
Material included Eyelet Tarpaulin

Optional material

Button Set

Buttons to attach to the wooden beams of the pergola that are UV- and weather-resistant

Learn more

Bungee ball bands set

Elastic lanyards with locking ball suitable for UV and weather resistant outdoor use

Learn more

Instructions & Info


Installing Bugna is simple and requires no skilled labor or special equipment. Follow the instructions in the installation video or download the pdf guide. If you need further support, our technical department is at your disposal.

Data sheet, package contents, assembly guide and warranty.

Download the guide in pdf
Upper part button fastening

Buttons can be attached to the top of the perimeter beams of the pergola. Adopting this solution ensures a cleaner and neater appearance as the fastening system is not visible to those using the pergola.

Side button fastening

Buttons can be attached to the outer side of the perimeter beams of the pergola. Adopting this solution maximizes the usable space under the pergola for activities such as outdoor dining, relaxation, or entertainment.

Lower part button fastening

Buttons can be attached to the lower part of the perimeter beams of the pergola. Adopting this solution provides greater weather protection for the fasteners and allows for easier maintenance and replacement.


Our tarpaulins are also made to measure and can be mounted horizontally or vertically, on pergolas made of iron, wood and other materials. They can be fastened using elastic bands or buttons depending on the aesthetic effect you want to achieve.

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The fabrics with which we make Bugna Eyelet Cloth have been developed by our R&D department to meet a wide variety of needs. 

Purishade: 100% waterproof so it is suitable for those who want to protect cars, outdoor furniture or relaxation areas from rain

Meshnet: a breathable fabric that shields from UV rays and creates ventilated shaded areas is ideal for those who want to enjoy their outdoor space even on the hottest days

Braidd5: a breathable polyester fabric that protects from the sun and is suitable for those who want to shelter balconies or patios

Clear: transparent PVC film is suitable for thermally insulating pergolas, canopies, balconies and terraces during winter

Bugna has been developed to meet a wide range of needs. To cover a parking space, it is important to choose the appropriate fabric. Meshnet fabric is hail-resistant and breathable making it particularly suitable for use in protecting one's car from the weather and UV rays.

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This commitment reflects our core values, which drive us to pursue a greener and more responsible future.

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