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How to choose the best fabric for your roller shade?
Purishade®, Braidd5® and Clear®: read the guide to choose correctly.

UV protection and resistance, Abrasion and tensile strength, Thermal and optical characteristics.

Let's discover together the characteristics and advantages of the 3 fabrics!

Choose the best fabric for your Maanta outdoor roller shade!

Quality protection with an outdoor shade requires extremely durable and high-performance fabrics:

UV protection and resistance
All our fabrics guarantee above-average values in terms of temperature resistance, sun factor, UV screening and colour persistence.

Abrasion and tensile strength
To ensure a high level of performance in all situations, we require very high values of tear resistance, elongation and tensile strength.

Thermal and optical characteristics
Elegance and functionality: We are uncompromising in our demands for thermal conductivity (protection from heat/cold), tactile experience and "top class" aesthetics.

Let's discover together the characteristics and advantages of the 3 fabrics!

Poliestere Braidd5 Clear
Purishade® Braidd5® Clear®
Waterproof Breathable Transparent
Material Polypropylene Polyester & PVC PVC
Fabric weight 270 gsm 410 gsm 610 gsm
Waterproofness 5/5 2/5 5/5
Heat shield (summer) 4/5 5/5 1/5
Thermal insulation (winter) 3/5 2/5 5/5
Discover Purishade® Discover Braidd5®

Purishade®: our best waterproof fabric for outdoor shades ! | 270 gsm

Revolutionary waterproof polypropylene fabric, the result of years of development and research:

The advantages of Purishade®:

  • absolute water resistance > 20 inches water column
  • high breathability > up to 4 times higher than conventional polyester and acrylic fabrics
  • abrasion resistance up to 50 times more abrasion-resistant than conventional polyester and acrylic fabrics

It is made with respect for nature (certified low environmental impact). Find out all the details about this revolutionary fabric on the information page "Purishade®"!

Braidd5® breathable | 410 gsm

Technical fabric made of polyester and PVC, ideal for air-permeable, breathable, elegant and very robust sun protection.

The advantages of Braidd5®:

  • Heat shield effect > very high breathability and air circulation
  • 95% blocking of UV rays
  • Elegant braid with high tensile strength > 1600N x 1500N

Clear® trasparent | 610 gsm

Clear® is a transparent PVC resin film. This material is extremely light, weatherproof and UV resistant. Clear® is also an excellent thermal insulator and is free from harmful chemicals.

The strengths of the Clear®:

optical (transparency) and thermal characteristics of the highest level (-20 ° C up to + 65 ° C)
• excellent mechanical qualities > very high tear resistance
softness to the touch, excellent resistance to UV rays and atmospheric agents

Its characteristics of softness, resistance and transparency make the Clear® ideal for the realization of roller blinds, for closing terraces, pergolas and balconies in any season.

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