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Shade sail with grommets

Bugna is a premium shade sail with grommets with a double perimeter hem made of Sunstop® thread and 304 stainless steel eyelets that protects against rain, wind and UV rays.  Bugna transforms your pergola into a protected, livable outdoor space in all seasons. The wide variety of fabrics makes this heavy duty tarp with grommets it very versatile and...
$494.25 $659.00

Bands Set
Bungee ball bands

Bungee ball bands are the ideal solution for keeping eyelet tarpaulins in tension for pergolas, terraces and gazebos. This fastening solution allows for quick release. Combined with tarpaulin buttons, they are the strongest and most solid method of securing tarpaulin eyelets for pergolas.   Length of 9.8 in: ideal for wooden or metal pergolas Elasticity:...
$28.07 $37.43

Button Set
Buttons for pergolas

Nylon buttons to secure eyelet tarpaulins to wooden and metal pergolas. The versatility of using nylon buttons allows them to be anchored in many different positions, achieving stability and strength for pergolas and gazebos. Combined with bungee ball bands, they are the strongest and most solid quick-release fastening method for eyelet tarpaulins....
$11.19 $14.93
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