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Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
Maistra base kit - Kit with 2 bases...
2 year warranty wind resistance max 30-39

Maistra base kit Kit with 2 bases for the innovative Maistra gazebo


The Maistra gazebo becomes self-supporting by purchasing this optional base kit.
Maistra in the version with fixed installation can be assembled in a short time, it requires drilling the floor, anchoring it to the ground and therefore with threaded bars.
If it is not possible to drill, this base kit is the fastest and simplest solution. The kit includes two base-stands with associated stainless steel covers.

  • Robust and maintenance-free materials
  • 304 stainless steel cover
  • Galvanized carbon steel profiles
  • Thickness of the profiles, 3mm
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Many times the situation of roof installation does not allow drilling works, think of poolside, rather than on public ground, or even on the beach.
For these simple reasons we have made Maistra versatile and modular.

Thanks to the base kit, it is possible to make Maistra self-supporting.
The bases can be ballasted with simple concrete slabs, readily available at any brico or DIY store. (See technical specifications).
Assembly and installation requires no skilled labor.
Maistra's two poles can be fixed firmly to the ground by plinth or concrete surface.
Alternatively, in order not to drill holes or fix them permanently, this kit consisting of two supports and corresponding base cover can be used.

The materials are free from atmospheric actions, the galvanized carbon steel profiles are also ideal in areas subject to saltiness or frequent rain.
Moreover, having been oversized, they have unparalleled reliability. The satin-finished cover is made of 304 stainless steel, a detail not to be overlooked.

Data sheet

The base kit is the optional accessory to make Maistra self-supporting.
With this accessory, the mounting of Maistra does not require drilling work; just use the connecting screws between the base of the pole and the support to attach the two poles.

The bases need ballast slabs easily available in any DIY store. We recommend they be concrete with size 15x15 inches (40x40 cm), thickness 1.5 inches (40 mm) weighing about 30 lbs (14 kg) each. A higher thickness could compromise the closure with the cover.
Four plates are needed for each support, thus a total of 8.

The base covers are made of sturdy 304 stainless steel and are walkable.
Satin-finishing has been added to prevent sun glare and contextually make the accessory a modern and aesthetically pleasing feature.
Data sheet
Model:Maistra base kit
Dimensions:42.5 x 17.1 x 3.2 inches (107.6x43.6x8.0 cm)
Weight: Weight of the two structures: about 88 lbs (40 kg)
Total weight with ballasts: 309 lbs (140kg)
Structure materialGalvanized carbon steel
Cover material304 stainless steel
Structure colorSilver from galvanizing
Color from the coverGray satin stainless steel
Warranty:2 years
Box sizes2 Boxes, maximum size 42x39x 27 inches (106x98x67 cm)

Package contents and giveaways


Each Kit contains
 - 2 bases (galvanized steel)
 - 2 base covers (stainless steel)

base gazebo
struttura base maistra
To improve transportation and unloading of the material, ballasts to be used in the Maistra base kit are not included.

The ballasts are simple concrete slabs that can be found in any DIY store.
The size is standard, 15x15 inches (40x40 cm) and the thickness is normally 1.5 inches (40 mm).
We recommend a ballast of about 110-150 lbs.

Maistra base kits do not support slabs thicker than 1.5 inches (40 mm), they may not make the satin sheet metal cover close.

Four slabs are sufficient for each support, so a total of 8.

Instructions & Info

Assembling Maistra's bases is simple and requires no special equipment.
We have made a step-by-step video tutorial that will take you through each step during the assembly of the entire Maistra, starting precisely with the optional basics.
The video is available here or on the "Assembly Tutorials" playlist in the Maanta Outdoor YouTube channel.
Maistra still comes with printed assembly instruction guides.
Installing the Maistra gazebo base kit is simple, intuitive and fast.
Maanta's research and development team is very focused on making easily assembled components.

Paper instructions are always provided inside the package.
PDF instructions are also available and downloadable from the following links.
All online instructions are constantly updated through feedback from buyers.

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