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Autumn with Maanta! Up to 50 $ discount on your shade sail

Garden sails are becoming more and more popular. We are sure that during your holidays you have been able to admire many of them and have been fascinated by them.

Do you want to buy one too? This is the right time to do it!

Thanks to the Maanta discounts, by purchasing a Solaria or a Saill you will get up to 50 $ discount!

The discount will be applied to both standard and custom-made sails. This will allow you to order a canopy suitable for your garden and your needs!

Order them now!

Promo valid from 20 September 2022 to 03 October 2022

50 $ discount on Solaria Waterproof and Breathable
30 $ discount on Saill Waterproof and Breathable

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