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Solaria with radial cut: an absolute innovation.

This revolutionary cutting and sewing technique was born in the world of nautical sails. Radial cutting requires much longer design, cutting and machining times but guarantees truly unparalleled performance.

Solaria sails can be exceptionally tensioned. Thanks to the stability given by the radial cut, the tension reaches the center of the sail with extraordinary advantages:

  • -93% risk of central water-accumulations
  • Very high wind resistance up to 65 km / h
  • Extraordinary aesthetic impact

Read our in-depth analysis on the radial cut!

The importance of the raw material: our exclusive fabrics

Our waterproof and breathable fabrics are the result of years of innovation and research.

Purishade® waterproof
The first fabric that respects nature and purifies the air thanks to photocatalysis.
It combines eco-compatibility, textile performance, air purification and self-cleaning properties.

"Breathable Meshnet®"
A woven 320g virgin polyethylene fabric, extremely robust and suitable for areas subject to strong winds.
Meshnet® forms a real heat shield and allows you to obtain a cool shade even in scorching heat.

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