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Our client  lives near Rome. His modern villa with its glass facades and wooden surrounds is surrounded by a green garden. In front of the entrance, there is a tiled floor between the uniform green lawn and the house. This is the area our client  wants to cover to protect the glass fronts from the sun. To do this he chose our custom made Solaria HDPE breathable sails.

First of all our client  decided to prepare the installation starting from the poles. He installed 3 Ulisse 75° base poles with a galvanised finish, lined up in front of the entrance and at an equal distance from each other. To install the poles, a concrete plinth measuring at least 60x60x60cm was created and then covered with grass. The visual effect is beautiful: the pole seems to stick out of the ground just like the tree next to it, which was used to attach the tie rod to the rear windscreen. The tie rod was fixed to the central pole to give it more stability and now we see why this was necessary.
our client  has in fact installed 3 breathable Solaria sails! How? By placing 2 beige rectangular sails at the sides and a graphite triangular sail in the middle. The effect created is spectacular!

The total number of corners to be anchored is 11. Six corners were anchored to the wall using our Simple wall kits, while the other five corners were anchored to the Ulisse poles. This is why our client  chose to further stabilise the central pole with the rear tie rod: three sails are anchored to this pole: one corner of the triangular sail in the middle and one corner for each rectangular sail. The Ulisse poles have 6 anchoring points, so if he needed to, our client  could anchor 3 more sails to the same pole.
This is how, our client  has created a scenographic entrance that further enhances his beautiful villa: the Ulisse poles in galvanised steel recall the glass windows, the beige and graphite sails blend well with the surrounding colours and create a shady area that protects the inside of the house from the heat. In this way the glass doors of the house can be opened to create a room connected with the garden outside, without having to furnish the outdoor area with additional sofas.

Thank you  for sharing your beautiful installation with us.

1 Solaria Custom - Graphite - Meshnet HDPE
2 Solaria Custom - Beige - Meshnet HDPE
3 Ulysses Poles - Zinc - 75°.
6 Simple wall anchor kit - Stainless steel
3 Set of 4 Threaded rods
2 Muscle x3 Pole
1 Upwind Tie Rod - Silver

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