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Nothing says Japanese garden like a koi pond. And nothing is better than a  Maanta sail to shade it! Let's take a look at Michael's installation, which will amaze anyone with a passion for Japanese culture. Or rather, for the Japanese garden in particular, because the Japanese garden has its own artistic philosophy.

The Japanese garden: characteristics
First of all it must be thought of as a piece of art to be contemplated. So when we look at Michael's garden we can imagine ourselves lying in contemplation on a deckchair, watching the movement of the koi carp in the pool in front of us. This is a typical element of the Japanese garden, because it recalls nature.  

Breathable saill: 100% protection from the sun and guaranteed freshness
Michael needed to shade the entrance to the koi pond. This is because koi weaken if the temperature in their habitat goes above 25°. In summer this is a problem. But a problem to which we easily found the solution! No other structure was suitable other than a Maanta sail. Here the sail is a breathable Meshnet HDPE Sail, which is perfect for protecting from the sun and keeping cool in the space underneath: the heat goes up and out through the 'mesh' construction of the HDPE fabric.

Shading with style
The ivory colour of the sail echoes the beige tones of the house and the ornamental statue, creating colour harmony. The sail is a 5x5 square, so it creates enough shade both to cover the koi tank and to shade the entrance. Two corners were fixed by means of Muscle x 3 wall anchors with beige nautical rope, while the other 2 were anchored to Alu-Simple base 90° poles in anthracite colour to recall the black colour of the windows and entrance door and the sunbeds.

Alu-Simple poles: to customize your shade
Thanks to the variable height of the poles, the sail can be anchored higher or lower depending on the movements of the sun to create the perfect shade zone. For Michael, the important thing is that the shade keeps his koi cool throughout the summer and our Saill HDPE guarantees this 100%.
Take a moment to contemplate the beauty of this sail and how well it blends in with its surroundings, creating the effect of a painting.

Thank you, Michael, for sharing your wonderful installation with us.

Products used:
2 Alu-Simple poles - Anthracite - 90°.
1 Saill - Ivory HDPE - 5x5
2 Wall Anchorage Kits Musclex3
2 Stainless steel eyebolts + 4 washers
2 Galvanised eyebolts + 4 washers + 2 T-nuts
1 Stainless steel snap hook

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