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Shade Sail Poles: Variable Height For Shade Sails

The professional attachment of shade sails is not only an aesthetic aspect, but is above all important for the safety of the installation. Correctly attached shade sails can be optimally tensioned, which has two major advantages: well-tensioned sails offer great wind resistance and avoid dangerous swelling in strong winds. A high tension also avoids a sagging of the fabric in the middle and allows rain to run optimally to the side.

Each sail corner must be securely fastened with a bracket. The use of sail tensioners enables a tight tightening of the fabric and the correction of deviations in the planning.

For our height-adjustable poles for for shade sails, we use as materials aluminum for Alu-SimplE and galvanized steel for Ulisse.

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  • Ulisse - pole for shade sails variable height Ulisse - pole for shade sails variable height
    • robust
    • variable height
      Variable height
    • extreme rigidity and robustness
      Extreme rigidity and robustness
    • multi sail
      Multi sail
    • elliptical steel
      Elliptical steel
    Shade Sail Pole With Variable Height And 6 Fixing Points

    The Ulisse shade sail pole is a high tech product, robust but with an elegant, light design and with an efficient functionality.It has been designed to meet all the needs of sail awnings: maximum flexural strength, the possibility of attaching multiple sails and the possibility of individually adjusting each sail in height.It combines design and...

    193,70 €
  • Alu-SimplE Pole For Sail Shades Variable Height Aluminium Alu-SimplE Pole For Sail Shades Variable Height Aluminium
    • variable height
      Variable height
    • extreme rigidity and robustness
      Extreme rigidity and robustness
    • multi sail
      Multi sail
    • full optional
      Full optional
    • aluminum exclusive design
      Aluminum exclusive design
    Aluminium Pole For Shade Sails , adjustable variable height

    Alu-SimplE: the kit with adjustable variable height pole for shade sails contains:1 adjustable aluminum pole with a height of 2.80mt., dimensions 120x70mm thickness 2.6 mm 1 ground plate to be anchored by dowels to be chosen according to the ground 1 Muscle x3" Kit for tensioning and fixing 1 sail edge 1 slider with eyelet in Zinc plated steel with...

    362,70 €
  • Muscle 3zinc: Moltiplicatore di forza a pulegge Muscle 3zinc: Moltiplicatore di forza a pulegge
    • robust
    • easy tension
      Easy tension
    • adjustable distance
      Adjustable distance
    Muscle x3 Pole with traction booster

    The Kit Muscle Pole x3 for poles includes T-nut (useful x Alu Simple) 1 male eyebolt galvanized steel  nylon washer 2 D shackles pulley pulley with cam cleat 4 meters of nautical rope It guarantees a very high tension to the sail for greater resistance to wind and waterIt can be installed in our poles Ulisse and Alu-SimplE.

    25,93 €
  • Easy Ballast - ballast base for shade sail poles Easy Ballast - ballast base for shade sail poles
    • robuste
    • easy installation
      Easy installation
    Easy Ballast
    ballast base for shade sail poles

    The "Easy Ballas"t ballast base is ideal for fixing our Ulisse and Alu-SimplE shade pole without having to create concrete plinths.The pole can be fixed directly on the Easy Ballast base.The Easy Ballast base must be filled with 50x50cm gravel slabs (not included but easily available on the market)

    217,81 €
  • Additional M8 eyebolt for Maanta poles

    Additional M8 eyebolt for fixing shade sails or accessories our Ulisse and Alu-SimplE poles.Available in versions: 1 Galvanized M8 eyebolt + 2 nylon washers 1 M8 stainless steel eyebolt + 2 nylon washers 1 galvanized M8 eyebolt + 2 nylon washers + 1 T nut (ideal for Alu-SimplE) 1 M8 stainless steel eyebolt + 2 nylon washers + 1 T nut (ideal for Alu-SimplE)

    3,77 €
  • Rear bracing system Rear bracing system
    Rear bracing system

    The Muscle x3 back tensioner is an accessory that will help to give additional stability to the Maanta shade sail poles.With this Muscle x3 kit it’s easy to provide strength and tension to counteract the frontal force of the sail tent.In this way we can increase stability and tension to the whole structure and make it more wind and rain resistant.The kit...

    32,43 €

Height-adjustable poles and posts for sun shade sails

alu simple shade sail poles


Variable height poles for shade sails

variable height polesAdjustable pole for sail awnings
You can find palia offers starting from 40 euros, sold as such, but to what extent and for how long can they perform their function? Indeed, a good anchor must be able to withstand the normal stresses that a sail alone holds, which will certainly have to withstand wind and water.

Therefore, the pole must be sturdy enough to cope with the weather conditions. A shade sail pole between 2 and 4 centimeters in diameter can never withstand the wind and water load transmitted by a 10-15 square meter sail. It bends or breaks and the cover falls, resulting in damage to people or property.

Functionality of the poles
One of the advantages of the sun shade sail is that the height of all its vertices is easy to adjust. The water outlet can then be diverted by raising or lowering the vertices. The shadow cone can also be modified to effectively protect us from the sun's rays. In addition, the ability to reduce the height allows us to play with the module. You can also customize the fabric with the design we like best. Therefore, awning poles worthy of the name must necessarily have the ability to quickly and easily raise or lower the tips of the candles.

Resistance to atmospheric agents
This is another delicate point of some solutions that are said to be specific for curtains sailing but that really have nothing to do with the world of awnings. The poles stay out 365 days a year and are often mounted in environments exposed to salinity corrosion. Only a few materials can adapt to these conditions: 316 stainless steel, hot dip galvanized steel and anodized aluminum.

If you are looking for a sail awning pole with adjustable height, choose Maanta: buy directly online and find better quality at web prices!


MaantA Shade Sail Poles

COLORISilver - AnthraciteSteel - AnthraciteSteel
FIXING POINTSUnlimited4 front + 2 rearfrom 1 to 3
BASE INCL.yesyesno
SAIL FIXING INCL.pulley system Muscle x3pulley system Muscle x3none
Complete Priceunder € 300under € 180€ 250/300
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