Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...
Alu Simple - Pole for shade sails...

Alu Simple Pole for shade sails with variable height

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Alu Simple is the pole with front and rear lanes designed to adjust the height and tilt of shade sails while maintaining constant tension and a weather-resistant structure.

Alu Simple is 9,5 ft high and is resistant to high winds, rust and salt spray. It is designed to last even in areas with particularly unfavorable weather conditions. 

  • Rust and saltiness resistance: powder-coated aluminum makes it ideal for even the most extreme weather areas
  • Variable height: perfect shade adjustment thanks to front and rear aisles
  • Incomparable strength: its design ensures high resistance to wind-induced bending
  • Accessories included: sturdy ground base or steel wall collars, stainless Muscle x3 Kit for hooking and tensioning 

Important: For sails with sizes over 350 square feet we recommend the use of the rear bracing system.

Color: silver alu
  • silver alu
  • anthracite alu
  • dark corten alu
Pole Inclination: Pole with 75° base
  • Pole with 75° base
  • Pole + 2 wall mountings
  • Pole with 88° base (90° under tension)
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Maanta exclusive


Alu Simple poles, designed and developed by Maanta's R&D department, come with two lanes, one front and one rear, allowing multi-sail installation ensuring absolute freedom of movement for creating shaded areas in all weather conditions.

  • Multi-sail anchorage
  • Manually adjustable sail height
  • Dynamic shade for all situations



Powder-coated aluminum

Due to the highest quality materials and finishes Alu Simple is immune to rust and sea spray making it perfect for maritime areas or areas with more disadvantageous weather conditions.


Variable height

Alu Simple's technology allows manual adjustment of sail height so that perfect protection from the sun is always achieved.


Double lane and multi-sail attachment

Alu Simple represents the best solution for total shade customization guaranteed by the 2 lanes and the possibility of multi-sail attachment.


Incomparable strength

The design and materials used ensure unparalleled resistance to gusts of wind even in the most extreme conditions.


Nautical design designed by Maanta

Alu Simple was entirely designed and manufactured by the Maanta R&D crew inspired by the functionality and robustness of the sailboat mast.




To suit all usage needs, Alu Simple is available in different variations:

  • Ground anchorage with 90° inclination
  • Ground anchorage with 75° inclination
  • Anchorage with wall collar

All variants include:

  • 1 Kit Muscle x3 with nautical rope and pulleys for sail tensioning
  • Quote


    We help you design your perfect sail


    Finding the anchoring points and the right measurement, identifying the correct position in your outdoor area, guiding you in choosing the most suitable fabric, and delivering to you a customized quote for free. Maanta's technical team is ready to assist you in designing your perfect sail.

    To assist you in the design, we only need:

    • A drawing of the area to be covered with measurements
    • An approximate indication of the budget for expenses
    • Some photos of the area of interest
    • Your details to create the personalized quote


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    4.8 star star star star star
    Glen D.
    star star star star star Jan 28

    Good Quality Product and awesome customer service

    I am very happy with my purchase of the sail and poles, I went with a 20' X 16' Meshnet HDPE (breathable) and the All-SimlE Aluminum poles. I live in Florida on the bay and we have some strong winds sometimes and we have not encounter any issues or problems, of course I take the sail down when really strong winds are forecast and with the pulley system it is a breeze to put up and take down sail, can do in a couple of minutes, the sail is awesome and works as advertised. The customer service is top notch, and you can always speak to someone (real person) that has a depth of knowledge and can assist in all matters pertaining to their great product, I will definitely be doing business with these great people again.

    Jeanine L.
    star star star star star Jan 25

    Poles are sturdy and well-made

    My first time ordering from Maanta after discovering it online. The poles shipped quickly and arrived even before the estimated date. The poles have been installed now and are sturdy, they look very modern and sleek, which is great for our mid-century modern home. Installation by our contractor was quick and easy. Look forward to getting the shade sail order hopefully soon and see how it all works out.

    Robert R.
    star star star star star Nov 01

    Superior quality

    Alu Simple was super easy to set up and the quality of the materials really amazed me. So far never had any problems even on days of strong wind and rain

    Helen B.
    star star star star star Oct 20

    Excellent products, I purchased both poles and sails

    The poles are of excellent quality sturdy and aesthetically beautiful, the cost of purchase in my opinion is fully justified by the quality of the product.The sellers I found them friendly and very helpful. I recommend everyone to buy their products.

    Vance P.
    star star star star star Sep 13

    Happy Customer

    I was tired of my wood 4x4 bending so after a lot of research I decided on the Alu-Simple Poles. Not only do they look great, but even in heavy winds they hardly move. Well constructed and easy to put together. I have had lots of compliments from friends. Great job Maanta.

    Data sheet

    Model Alu Simple
    Profile 4.8 x 2.7 in
    Height 9.5 ft
    Ground base Included, 0.39 in thick steel
    Versions 90° - 75° - Wall collar
    Colors Silver - Anthracite - Dark Corten
    Installation possibilities Unlimited (multisails)
    Saltwater resistant
    Included material Ground Base or Wall Collar
    Kit Muscle x3 Pole
    Not included material M12 x 13 cm threaded rods
    Chemical anchor

    Instructions & Info


    Installing Alu Simple is simple and requires no specialized labor or special equipment. Follow the instructions in the installation video or download the pdf guide. If you need further support, our technical department is at your disposal.

    Data sheet, package contents, assembly guide and warranty.

    Download the pdf guide


    The Alu Simple pole with front and back lanes is specially designed to anchor more than one sail. The flexibility of use given by sliding sliders within the lanes makes it easy to adapt the sail arrangement, adjusting the height and thus providing multiple options for creating custom shading.

    Simply move the sails along the pole and secure them in the desired position. This feature allows for total customization of shading according to the specific needs of the time of day, seasonality, and weather conditions.

    Yes, the Alu Simple pole withstands adverse weather conditions. It is made of powder-coated aluminum, a finish that provides great durability. It is able to withstand very strong winds and, most importantly, is immune to rust and salt spray.

    The difference between the 75° and 90° poles is purely aesthetic.Note, however, that a 75° tilted pole allows you to recover the space that the anchorage needs to be tensioned properly. So with a 75° slant pole, the sail can cover more space than with a 90° one because it can be placed at the base of the pole.

    Wall anchoring of a pole is only possible if there is a minimum of 1 ft space between the two collars. Therefore, the wall to which the pole is to be fixed should have a minimum height of about 20 in. Here is the link to the helpful video tutorial for mounting Alu Simple with wall collar: Video Tutorial

    We strongly advise against this, but should you wish to proceed we cannot guarantee success given it is digitally cut to tenth of a millimeter accuracy.

    No. Alu Simple poles come with a steel ground base to be installed on a cemented base at least 6 in thick, or on a 25x25x25 in concrete plinth. Installation guide here

    Installation on terraces and balconies is possible only with the collar version, for which you will need a wall at least 20 inches high. Alu Simple can be installed both inside and outside the terrace.

    Installing Alu Simple with a ground base on the terrace is not recommended as you would damage the sheathing, compromising the safety of the house.

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    This commitment reflects our core values, which drive us to pursue a greener and more responsible future.

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