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Florian lives in the north of Munich in a typical Nordic-style house with a simple and clean design. He would like to cover his outdoor space at the front of the house. Here there is a cemented area furnished with a large table, a barbeque and an outdoor sofa.

This is the front of the house facing the garden, so there was no need to fence off the space, but simply to protect it from the summer heat when on hot days in Bavaria you need a quiet space where you can have lunch outside and not be exposed to the sun directly.

Since the outdoor space is not used during the cold and rainy months, Florian opted for a breathable shade sail for outdoor dining during the summer months.

Florian chose the radial design of the Solaria shade sail in graphite colour to create a contrasting optical effect with the ice white colour of the Bavarian house. And he chose a custom-made trapeze sail, so as to cover exactly the necessary space.

He anchored the sail using our kits Muscle x3 with nautical rope in silver directly to the front of the house, while the opposite side was anchored to two Alu-Simple poles in anthracite with a 75° base to give his installation a dynamic touch. Two concrete plinths were created directly in the garden for the poles.  

The sail was installed in summer 2021.

Thank you Florian for welcoming us into your fantastic garden!

List of products purchased:

1 x Solaria breathable Customised size - Graphite HDPE 320
2 x Poles Alu-Simple Anthracite with 75° base
2 x Universal cleat
2 x Kit wall mount Muscle x3 with Silver coloured rope
1 x EasyShade Breathable Square 4x4 in Anthracite colour

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