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What you will receive:

We will develop our suggestion for your custom shade sail project. In our draft you will find the possible location of the sail (or sails), the possible location of the anchor points and the recommended measures for your sail, based on the distances between the anchors you have indicated.

Our suggestion is a design aid and is based on the data you provide. We therefore ask you to correctly measure the available spaces and to verify the actual correctness and feasibility.

It will be easy for you to make small changes such as moving the anchor points or changing the positioning of some elements. The service is provided free of charge. In the high season, the preparation of the estimate may be delayed, we count on your collaboration!


To get a free quote fill out the form without forgetting to:

  • indicate whether the sail should be waterproof (Purishade® fabric) or breathable non-waterproof (Meshnet® fabric)
  • give us an indication of your spending budget
  • send us a drawing complete with measurements of the space you intend to cover:
    • width
    • length
    • any diagonals
    • heights for wall anchors
    • position of existing poles or indications on where they could be fixed (*)
  • send us some photos (we recommend 3-5 photos)
  • enter all your data to allow us to create your quote

How do we go on:

  1. as we receive your request, we will process our proposal as soon as possible
  2. we will send you a quote with the relative drawing and including all the accessories (poles and / or wall anchors) you need to complete your installation
  3. If you like our proposal, just click on the "confirm" button to be redirected directly to your cart where you can proceed with the payment

(*) NB Maanta assumes no responsibility for the measures provided. The sails are made in accordance with the distance of the anchor points that are indicated to us with the request for quote


Type of sail *

Select your preference


Our best radial cut shade sail. Due to this feature it is considered our premium option: greater wind-resistance, grater strength even over time due to more uniform tension.


Our sail made with a horizontal band cut (cross-cut). Great option for those who do not want to invest in a Solaria sail, without sacrificing premium performance.


Select your preference


Our fabric Purishade® , in addition to being eco-friendly, is the best option for those who need a perfectlzy waterproof sail. This fabric is breathable, but blocks water while keeping the area underneath covered and dry.


In scorching weather the Meshnet® is definitely the indicated fabric. The weave mesh can provide an effective heat shield and does not allow heat to reach the ground.

Budget *

Select your preference

Describe in detail your space and the shade sail you want *

Indicate, for example, the size of the area to be covered, the shape of the sail you want.

Type of fixing points *

Select your preference

Describe in detail where you will have the opportunity to anchor the sail *

Indicate where the corners of the sail can be anchored. Describe whether you have house walls, fence walls, and where any anchoring poles can be installed. You can also tell us the distances to the anchor points, so we would know how to calculate the size of your sail.

Do you already have a draft or want to show us the area to be covered? Upload your documents below, remembering to indicate:

  • width
  • length
  • diagonals
  • Any additional measures (for irregular forms)
  • Location of any walls and location of poles (existing or to be installed)

Photographs of the area (maximum 3-5 photos recommended)
Accepted file formats: pdf, jpeg, dwg, png - maximum size: 15mb


Consent to data processing**

** By checking this box, you agree that your information is collected by this form and is recorded and transmitted to Maanta by Bega. In accordance with our privacy policy, your data enables us to send you further information regarding news and offers from Maanta by Bega. In accordance with the legislation applicable to personal data, you have the right to access, modify, rectify, restrict, oppose, limit, delete and transfer the data concerning you. To exercise them, simply send us a request by email. Privacy Policy

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