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Guides and support

Selection, assembly and maintenance of the Maanta shade sails

In these sections you will find useful information on the selection, assembly, installation and maintenance of Maanta products.

Mounting guides for sails, poles and wall plates

In this section you will discover how to correctly install your shade sail . You will find a step-by-step guide to fasten and tension your shade sail in a professional way with the help of our wall plates and our poles .
< br /> Also in this article you will find all the useful information on cleaning , conservation and maintenance of your glider .

Choice of fabric: waterproof or breathable?

You must protect your outdoor space from sun , heat , rain , or from hail? Discover the difference between the different types of fabric and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The fabrics of the Maanta sails are the result of intense development and research work and are perfectly suited to the most extreme weather situations.
Choose the ideal sail to create a protected and elegant outdoor space!

Sails dimensions: how to measure and choose

Learn to choose the size of the shade sail that best suits the spaces you have available.

Discover how important it is to provide minimum spaces for your fastening systems and tensioning.

Properly tension a shade sail

Only a well-stretched sail can optimally resist wind, rain and hail . Discover the most effective tensioning systems and get a stable installation that allows you to enjoy your shade sail for a long time.

Tension your shade sail professionally!


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