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If you have a roller shade sail in mind, you may be interested in the two Maanta solutions.

CoR 2.0 and OmbrelA are motorized sail and umbrella that can be closed automatically. Discover its strengths and advantages.

A high-tech solution with a unique design!

Roller blinds of the highest quality only on Maanta!

The roller shade sails are a category of sails that entered the market since the 2000s. The original invention is the work of Gerald Wurz, an Austrian who patented the first industrial model at the end of the years 90. But already in 2006 Andrea Bettega and Marco Bettega, founding partners of Maanta and Bega srl, deposited their first version of a motorized roller blind.roller blinds

Several years have passed since then and the product has been evolved based on the different experiences gained. In 2017 and 2018 two products that we consider definitive in this category came to life and they are CoR 2.0 and OmbrelA .

CoR 2.0 is at the top of the roller blinds : its rope circuit connects to the CtR, a patented system that maintains a constant and modular tension on the cover fabric. The advantages of this invention are innumerable: a tensioned fabric fights better against gusts of wind, drains rainwater better and guarantees greater safety. Thanks to this we are therefore able to build larger, up to 70 square meters (when the competition reaches 50) and safer roll-up sails. Each CoR 2.0 is a unique piece and is custom built. The range of available fabrics is extended, ranging from the best nautical Dacron, specially chosen by the world manufacturer that ensures the best resistance to UV rays, to the technological Weathermax with a wide range of colors, capable of reducing the temperature by 37% under the cover. CoR 2.0 is motorized by Somfy, the world's leading producer. It is equipped with a special Somfy anemometer which controls the automatic closure of the fabric in case of excessive wind detection.


Roller shade sails prices? There are differences based on the types of anchoring and fabric but to give a merely spannometric idea we can settle at 200 euros per square meter. If you are interested, do not hesitate to send us an email, we will take care of being more detailed.

Indicative prices

Our furling sails are designed and made to measure.

The final prices depend on the size of the sail, the type of anchors and the accessories chosen.

Some examples of prices:

A roll-up sail system Cor 2.0 of 30sqm costs from approx. € 14,000 , a 60sqm sail costs from approx. € 17,000 .

The following graph shows the indicative price for the various feasible measures:

indicative price list cor 20

Among the roller blinds we also include OmbrelA . This garden umbrella is fully motorized . Its peculiarities lie in the design, which recalls the classic desk lamp, and in the integrated innovative solutions. The mast is movable and the furling boom is tiltable: the combination of these elements ensures that the shadow cone is adjustable and can effectively protect against sun and wind, in any condition.

In case of excessive wind, OmbrelA will close by itself thanks to the detection of the anemometer and the automatic impulse towards the Somfy motor, installed as standard. Thanks to the precise design these cantilevered roll-up sun sails reach up to 24 square meters , against the maximum 17 covered by competing roll-up umbrellas.

Maanta, the best choice for roller blinds.

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