Maanta Summer Days 2021

Are the production times of our sails too long?
Maanta refreshes your wait!


Buy a Saill / Solaria / custom size sail * from 21 June to 31 August 2021: you will receive a 15% voucher of the value of the sail.
You can use this voucher to buy any Easy Shade wing ready for delivery!

So you can assemble your installation right away and then complete it when you receive the final wing.

An example:
Do you want to buy a 3x5m Waterproof Saill shade sail? Delivery times are approx. 5-6 weeks.
After your purchase, you will immediately receive a 90 € voucher. With the voucher you can order an EasyShade which will be delivered to you in approx. 48h.
You can mount the EasyShade right away and use it while waiting for the Saill shade sail.

Find out the details of the promotion and the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What is the value of the discount coupon?
You will receive a voucher for 15% of the value of the Saill / Solaria sail
For example: if you buy the Saill model costing 600 € you will receive a 90 € voucher.

When will I receive the discount coupon?
The code will be generated by our team when they process your order.
This takes place in approx. 24 / 48h. You will receive your discount voucher by email.

Which EasyShade can I choose?
You can choose from all the variants, waterproof or breathable.
You can even order a fabric of a type other than the Saill / Solaria you will receive. In this way you will have both a breathable and a waterproof model available.

Can I buy any product with the voucher?
The voucher is valid for all orders containing at least one Easy Shade sail.

Until when is the promotion valid?
The Maanta Summer Days promotion is valid for purchases made from 21 June to 31 August 2021

Until when is the discount coupon valid?
The discount voucher is valid for 60 days from issue.

Which products are eligible for the discount? Is the offer valid on all Saill / Solaria variants?
* The offer is valid only on sizes and colors that are NOT immediately available.
Saill / Solaria sails ready for delivery DO NOT give the right to a discount.
On the product pages you will see the indication for the variants that entitle you to the discount coupon, together with the estimated delivery date.
The offer is always valid for all bespoke sails.


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