EasyRoll Cristal: Clear PVC Roller Blind Expand

Easy Clear Custom Size - Clear Roller Blind


This outdoor roller blind is an economical, practical and minimally invasive shade / cover to reduce the amount of solar energy (heat) that enters a space. It will be possible to decrease the interior temperature up to 15° C!

This model is easy to assemble and at a great price.

Available in 3 different types of fabric and made to measure, they satisfy every need both to insulate the interior and to maintain a certain degree of privacy.

•    hooks to fix the terminal INCLUDED
•    Made in Italy and made to measure
•    reduces the amount of solar heating by 85%
•    it eliminates the glare phenomenon that is the annoying direct light in the eyes, especially when the sun is low
•    optimal management of natural light and privacy thanks to the infinite adjustments
•    Significant savings on summer air conditioning costs

Package content: Vertical awning with universal mounting plates for wall / ceiling mounting, hand crank, mounting rings and hooks for the lower profile


Add at least one option, you will have a 5% total discount!

Arms for Patio Blinds

Arms for Patio Blinds

54.94 €

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